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VA Aid and Attendance Program

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a program that few Veterans know about but is very helpful in paying for Home and Community based services that many of our residents require. If you or your spouse was Active-duty Military during a wartime you may be eligible. Below are the most relevant links for the VA Aid and Attendance program.  It is a time consuming and detailed process but if your loved ones’ qualify it can significantly offset the monthly costs of Assistance. You can find the official requirements and process at on the VA website under Aid and Attendance.

The process has three major steps:

  1. Gather Personal Information and determine Financial Eligibility Info: VA Net Worth Limits and Financial Reporting for Claims
  2. Complete the Physician Assessment of Needs Form: VBA-21-2680-ARE (VA Aid and Attendance) – Take to your Doctor
  3. Select a Community and Move-In Form: VBA-21 Nursing Home Information

Where you Live Matters?

Need Help determining the differences between your care options? Do you find yourself wondering:

  • What is Independent Living?
  • What is Assisted Living?
  • How do I tell the difference between to communities when their pricing is structured differently?
  • Can I afford these services?

One of our favorite industry associations has created a great resource for consumers to get educated and make decisions on Senior Housing and Care.

What to Look for When Evaluating Senior Living | WYLM (

KDIAL – Department for Aging and Independent Living

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living was formed to help the Aging and Disabled residents of Kentucky live as independently as possible. They are responsible for certifying Assisted Living communities and provide regular updates about state regulations and guidance to providers for best practices. They also have a program called the Long-Term Care Ombudsman which advocates for residents of nursing homes, personal care homes and family care homes, improving care and encouraging positive change at all levels.

Assisted Living Facility in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky