Employment at Sterling Meadows

At Sterling Meadows , we want to ensure our residents get the most out of their stay at our Mt. Sterling assisted living community. One of the ways in which we have enhanced our popularity and reliability throughout the years is by staffing our grounds with a renowned team that possesses the skills and knowledge to provide unrivaled care to our residents. If you are interested in working with and catering to our community of seniors, we encourage you to apply for a position at our historic site.

Hiring Credentials for Sterling Meadows

For this type of employment, it is required by law that we run a criminal background check, as well as an adult abuse and neglect background check as a condition of employment. We want to make sure we are only hiring individuals who will keep our residents safe and hold the same values as our team. Our rules, regulations, and policies must always be abided for your safety, as well as the safety of our staff and community. You will need to receive a Tuberculosis test before being hired and may be required to submit a medical examination for our records. If you are considered for this job, you must attend extensive training before employment, and yearly in-service training is required by all staff to continue employment.


Client rights

Community policies

Adult First Aid

CPR policy and procedure

Adult abuse and neglect

Alzheimer disease and dementia care

Emergency procedures

Aging process

Activities of Daily Living

Special programming and services offered at Sterling Meadows

Assistance with self-administered medication

Join Our Staff!

We’re always looking for bright, kind, and skilled newcomers to join our staff! If a background check and health exam is no problem for you, and you can adapt to, or have experience with, a family-oriented care style, we encourage you to apply. Catering to our seniors’ needs by taking on the role of caregiver and friend is a necessity. We want our community to feel right at home with our staff, as this relationship should feel familial and comfortable for all involved. If you would like to join our team here at Mt. Sterling’s exceptional assisted living community, we encourage you to fill out our application. We look forward to learning more about you and seeing what gifts and talents you can bring to our team. Call now for more information.

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